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Not a Good Time for Experimental Economic Policies

UK had 45 days of Liz Truss as a Prime Minister and Kwasi Kwarteng, chief of Treasury and a new experimental economy policy. That ended when Liz Truss resigned in Thursday, October 20 (Luhnow, Hannon & Dulaney, 2022, October 20). They announced UK growth plan by cutting taxes and subsidies at the same time. In addition, they said to cap energy prices to support families. All sounded great. Where will they get money? UK government will borrow more money. This shocked markets as global economies are worried about inflations. Then, markets tumbled, and UK currency dropped lowest points. 

This year might not be a right time to do experimental things in real economy, particularly related to UK pensions with 11 million Britons (Authers, 2022, October 21). The Truss economic plan was not well prepared for its funding, no clarity in that regards, and not well coordinated with economic activity participants, particularly UK central banks. 

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Polarized Global Economies Triggered by Covid-19 Pandemic

The response to Covid-19 pandemic has been polarized between the past Trump administration and current Biden administration. As different approaches and manners to covid-19 go, people has gathered and shared similar views using social media. According to Natioal Intelligence Council report (Strobel & Volz, 2021, April 8), these polarized view and responses were not limited in US politics. Globally, authoritarian regimes used this Pandemic as a great opportunity to crack down civilian protests in Hong Kong, Myanmar, and other countries. Thus, Covid-19 pandemmic has been the most singular global disruption since World War II (Strobel & Volz, 2021, April 8).

Biden Administration printed out dollars to help those who have been locked home due to Pandemic. Temporarily, US dollar signaled weak signs and emerging markets showed strong economic prospects particularly at the end of 2020.

US dollars are coming back strongly in the first week of April, 2021, partly due to bright economic prospects in the USA(Hirtenstein, 2021, April 8). Due to this strengthening US dollar, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, and Mexico have been dealing with their currencies depreciation and investment outflow (Hirtenstein, 2021, April 8). Accordingly, they have increased interest rate.

As Natioal Intelligence Council reports (Strobel & Volz, 2021, April 8), the Pandemic made emerging economies dragged down. Most countries have focused on their domestic issues and left other issues behind.

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