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Game industry includes video game, mobile game, and entertaining with virtual components.

NVDA at its Bottom

Due to cooling off in video game sector after Pandemic frenzy, NVidia has gone down by 57% in 2022. This is a harder fall considering that iShares Semiconductor ETF (SOXX) fell 42%. Nvidia had to close Russian market and taper off China market due to US sanctions against two countries.

Today, Thursday Oct 20, Piper Sandler reaffirms its Overweight rating at $200 as Barron’s reported (Kim, 2022, October 20). According to Harsh Kumar, the analyst of Piper Sandler, Nvidia will continue to make new models and generations of graphic cards as it did with Ada Lovelace that was developed from the architecture of RTX4090 card. This new model was launched in September and showed strong demand. So, Nvidia will start growing in 2023 and 2024.

Some anticipate that markets will fall another 10% when US Fed reserve reduce its balance sheet soon. For long term value investors, this might be a good time to pick up good companies like Nvidia at good price, around $125.59 or 10% lower.

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NVIDA’s Acquisition Deal of Arm Holdings in Doubt & Hostility in UK

Nvida Corp.(NVDA) proposed $40 billion deal to buy Arm, British chip designer company, which seems to face regulatory challenge around the world. For now, that starts with British government (Woo & Sylvers, 2021, April 19). When SoftBank bought it  in 2016, it made promise to keep jobs in Britain (Woo. & Dou, 2016, July 18). For the same reason, Labour Party is against Nvida’s acquisition as it sees potential job losses.

Nvida is founded in 1993Santa Clara, CA, in 1993 by Jensen Huang and becomes one of the biggest chip designer for graphics for videogames, data analytic and automation with artificial intelligence (Fitch & Woo, 2020, September 13).

Arm Holdings is one of the global semiconductor companies, who designs and licenses  90% of smartphone chips worldwide. Particularly, it is known for its least energy consuming chip designing. It has partnership with Samsung Electronics Co., Qualcomm, and others. As  Arm Holding had been working with global chip producers as a supplier, it announced its “A Shared Purpose” that would not have exclusive relationship with any partner. SoftBank Group Corp bought it at $32 billion and sold it at $40 billion to Nvida (Fitch & Woo, 2020, September 13). 

This deal offers a great position to Nvida to compete against Intel and to be able to work with smartphone producers including Apple. Particularly in early 2021, there are great attention to chip makers between China and USA. We will see how this plays out in turbulent global politics.

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Redefining Video Game Industry: Microsoft(MSFT)

In game industry, video game consoles are important for players to access particular games. If you have Sony’s console, PlayStation 5, then, you may play Sony’s games. Having been in this industry longer than any other companies, Sony has been stronger than Microsoft particular in Europe and Asia; PlayStaion has been a better tool, as well.

Something interesting happens recently in this Status Quo relationship between Microsoft and Sony.  Xbox Live membership reached 100 million users, has tripled during the Xbox One life cycle due to Microsoft’s duel strategies: software and cloud services (Gallagher, 2020, September 18). Microsoft enabled users to stream any Xbox One game to a mobile device (Needleman, 2019, June 9).

In the past two decades, Microsoft has expanded its presence in gaming markets (Aryedlund, 2002, January 7; Guth & Wingfield, 2006, April 26). In 2013, Microsoft launched its Xbox One equipped with motion sensors and Skype technology (WSJ, 2013, May 29). However, it did not impress much to investors and game players.

Under Satya Nadella, however, Microsoft fortified its position against Sony by acquisitions of Mojang AB for $2.5 billion in 2014 (Needleman, 2018, June 11) and by recent acquisition of ZeniMax Media Inc for $7.5 billion (Tilley & Needleman, 2020, September 21).  Thus, Microsoft has increased gaming portfolio to 23 games from 15. Now, Microsoft promised 60 games available in its new coming Xbox One System and Windows PCs. Its new console has custom-designed processor with Advanced Micro Devices. Microsoft focused on its subscription services such as Game Pass and Xbox live. It seems that Satya Nadella sees something in video game industry, when he said, “Gaming is a much bigger market than it ever was”(Tilley & Needleman, 2020, September 21).


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Mobile Games are Hot

Now than ever, a cellphone is a consumer necessity for authorization to work systems, for delivery, for opening door, for social network, for a ride, of course, and for even education: such as Moodle or Education systems. As the reflection of the facts listed, Apple continues to rise its share price today, September 1, 2020, regardless of political uncertainty upcoming presidential election in US or trade tension with China.

If you missed an opportunity to invest in current stock market trend, let’s think what can be sold to mobile phone users? Here comes mobile games that do not need video game consoles. Mobile gaming markets have grown incrementally as shown the graph below( WePC, 2018).

Zynga’ games: FarmVille or CityVille, earned its popularity and name recognition via Facebook. When Facebook made a new game appear before the games known, in 2012, Zynga Inc had lost $22.8 million in its second quarter and its stock went down to 70% from its initial public offering price: $10. Zynga Inc restructured its top managers to integrate web and mobile platforms in 2012 July, according to the company’s announcement. Zynga delayered its previous structure between its CEO, John Schappert, and its Chief Mobile Officer, David Ko, which looked to emphasize on mobile game offering via Android and iPhones (Raice, 2012, August 9).

In 2020, August 31, Zynga shares rose 5.57%, in part because its second quarter earnings expected to be higher than its published guidance of $460 million and to complete its acquisition of Peak, Turkish Mobile game studio (Needleman, 2020, June 1).

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