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Following a Big Rally and Sober Look

After US stock market were down for the two days, there are theoretical explanations and possibly blamable invisible big institution, namely Soft Bank.

Rising Delta  (Root, 2020, September 1;Root, 2020, September 4 ) was one of explanation that the unusual stock market rally in this unusual circumstance when economic activities are still low, though recovering from entire shot down; while SoftBank might have caused Delta to rise unusually fast (Levisohn, 2020, September 4;McDonald, 2020, September 1). Most investors and traders may have been licking their sour wounds due to stock market down last two days wondering what just happened. Knowing why might be a good start of 12 steps of addiction break therapy, if greed-driven trading is one of mental addiction.


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Long Inflation Ahead

US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell announced that central bank will allow inflation to go higher than 2% for a certain period in August 27, 2020. US market responded as being prepared for long-term inflation: Gold rose and fell; Bond yields fell and rose; stock futures were mostly down while major indexes were higher one day after, August 28, 2020. Since 2008, US has targeted inflation below 2%. (Vigna & Hirtenstein, 2020, August 27). Assuming that US banks will increase interest rate, US bank sector in US stock went up. S&P500’s financial sector rose 1.7%.

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