About Us

About The Blue Ocean Asset Management Partners, LLC:


The Blue Ocean Asset Management is an asset management company, based in San Diego, California. Our knowledge, experience and focus help our clients achieve their investment objectives. We partner with companies that develop and commercialize products and services that bring our clients reliable growth and rewards.

Who we are: 

At The Blue Ocean Asset Management, we pursue to maximize our annual outcomes every year and strategize them for the long-time success for our partners and clients. We serve value investors and focus on value investment, in particular, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and healthcare companies.


About theblueoceanmanagement.com:

Theblueoceanmanagement.com is run by The Blue Ocean Asset Management Partners, LLC, who would like to share its investment belief and its knowledge with individuals. Therefore, theblueoceanmanagement.com serves as the public platform for those who share common interests with The Blue Ocean Asset Management Partners, LLC.

Important Disclosures

The researches herein are provided for only informational purposes by The Blue Ocean Asset Management Partners, LLC. By nature, our researches cannot guarantee their accuracy and completeness, and that of the opinions based thereon. Hence, the researches should not be regarded as an offer to sell or as a solicitation of an offer to buy any product to which the information relates.

The researches reflect our interpretation and speculation on reliable sources (including, but not limited to, prices, quotes and statistics) that we believe, but we acknowledge that they are subject to change without notice. The past performance of securities does not guarantee future performance. Our value investment strategies described herein may not be suitable for all investors. Hence, we recommend you to contact to your financial advisers to implement information contained herein into your investment portfolios.

The Blue Ocean Asset Management Partners, L.L.C., its managers, partners and proprietary accounts may have long or short position in the securities referred to in the researches. The Blue Ocean Asset Management’s proprietary accounts may make investment decisions that may not be expressed in the researches. Furthermore, without notice, we may increase or decrease the position contained in our researches.

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