Power of Apple in advertisement and privacy protection

Apple (AAPL) users consist of 60% of mobile devices in the USA between 2020 March to 2021 March (Statcounter, 2021 March). According to the survey conducted in 2018, iPhone users have higher incomes and spending than Android users (Williams, 2018, October 31).

In 2021, Apple decided to ask users to allow ad-tracking activities, which was widely practiced by many companies, particularly Facebook (FB) who sells data to directly companies and/or advertisement companies. This provoked Mark Zuckerberg’s angry accusations on Apple’s intention and debates among other small companies (Mims, 2021, April 10). Now, Apple has its own advertising attribution technologies, which upsets Facebook most.

Facebook has enjoyed tracking its users and made sense of them for advertisement purpose. One of example that Facebook was able to figure out based on its algorithm was that there was correlation between those who ordered adult onesies and those who work home (Mims, 2021, April 10).

So, who is going to win this battle? Apple or Facebook? For now, Apple has an upper hand, as it sells many products directly users.


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