Mobile Games are Hot

Now than ever, a cellphone is a consumer necessity for authorization to work systems, for delivery, for opening door, for social network, for a ride, of course, and for even education: such as Moodle or Education systems. As the reflection of the facts listed, Apple continues to rise its share price today, September 1, 2020, regardless of political uncertainty upcoming presidential election in US or trade tension with China.

If you missed an opportunity to invest in current stock market trend, let’s think what can be sold to mobile phone users? Here comes mobile games that do not need video game consoles. Mobile gaming markets have grown incrementally as shown the graph below( WePC, 2018).

Zynga’ games: FarmVille or CityVille, earned its popularity and name recognition via Facebook. When Facebook made a new game appear before the games known, in 2012, Zynga Inc had lost $22.8 million in its second quarter and its stock went down to 70% from its initial public offering price: $10. Zynga Inc restructured its top managers to integrate web and mobile platforms in 2012 July, according to the company’s announcement. Zynga delayered its previous structure between its CEO, John Schappert, and its Chief Mobile Officer, David Ko, which looked to emphasize on mobile game offering via Android and iPhones (Raice, 2012, August 9).

In 2020, August 31, Zynga shares rose 5.57%, in part because its second quarter earnings expected to be higher than its published guidance of $460 million and to complete its acquisition of Peak, Turkish Mobile game studio (Needleman, 2020, June 1).

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